VMT food – Food Blending: several sites at one location

A wide range of services for food companies

Food Blending offers food companies a wide range of services: from recipe development to purchasing, mixing, breaking and sieving, to packaging and repackaging, storage and distribution of powders and/or granulates, as well as liquids or combinations of these.

Of course Food Blending has a certified quality system according to BRC and Organic standards. The company recently achieved BRC level AA. The Development Centre is a new asset that is entirely at the service of customers.

Allergen-free production and storage

Modern production lines meet the highest food safety and quality requirements. Food technologists and quality experts ensure that quality and food safety are guaranteed throughout the entire production process. This particularly applies to allergens. “We have strictly separated departments for this,” emphasises managing director Thomas Dryhoel. “Food Blending consists of several sites at one location. Strict working procedures and cleaning and disinfection rule out contamination.”

Central location

For cost reasons, companies are increasingly outsourcing their logistics. “We have 30,000 m3 of storage space for raw materials and finished products,” says the business manager. Food Blending’s location close to traffic routes in all directions and the proximity of the port of Ghent make it an excellent base for distribution within the Benelux, as well as the rest of Europe.

The tailor-made ERP system supports the logistical processes and monitors the main quantitative and qualitative parameters. This ranges from stock levels, batch numbers, as well as the shelf life of products and so on. Traceability is guaranteed according to Belgian and European guidelines. Food Blending also takes care of this for its clients.

Development centre

Food companies can develop recipes and processes at the Food Blending development centre, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The team of specialised food technologists has gained the necessary know-how in various food sectors. “This represents added value for companies that come to us,” says Thomas Dryhoel. “Our wide range and knowledge of ingredients comes in handy when optimising recipes. If required, we can also take care of purchasing the right ingredients for the desired flavour and functionality.”

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