BRC certificate AA

In the past year at Food Blending, we have raised the bar a little higher for ourselves. We were rewarded for this with a BRC grade AA score. With this result, of course we can only look back with satisfaction at the performance of the entire team in the past year. We are all extremely proud of this. Grade AA is of course the target again for 2020, and we aim to do this at a brand new production site.

BRC = global standard for food safety.

  • Latest views on food safety.
  • Provides a framework for food manufacturers to help in production of safe food and in realising product quality that meets customer requirements.
  • Certification recognised by many retailers, food service organisations and producers around the world in establishing the capabilities of their suppliers.
  • The standard was developed to specify food safety through quality-oriented and operational criteria that are applied by food-producing organisations to realise obligations such as legal compliance and customer protection.
  • Intended to support establishments and their customers in meeting legal requirements for food safety.
  • The standard is based on two important components: the commitment of upper management and the HACCP-based system (which provides a step-by-step approach to controlling food safety risks).

Audit based on the updated edition (issue 8) with the following points of attention:

  • Encouraging the development of a product safety culture
  • The expansion of environmental monitoring requirements to reflect the increasing importance of this technique.
  • Encouraging sites to further develop systems for security and food defence.
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