Storage and distribution

Storage and distribution

Food Blending has 30,000m³ of storage space. Your goods are stored and handled with the greatest care. Incoming raw materials are subjected to strict quality requirements. If required, this can be expanded to include sampling and analyses.

With our location near the main traffic routes and the ports, Food Blending is perfectly suited as a base for distribution in the Benelux and other countries within and outside Europe.

Allergen-free storage options

In addition to our allergen-free production lines, we also have the corresponding allergen-free storage facilities in strictly separated departments. Our working methods, internal equipment and storage are subjected to high-grade quality checks, which reduces the risk of contamination to an absolute minimum.

Warehouse Management

Our tailor-made ERP system monitors the stock levels and associated parameters such as shelf life and batch numbers. In this way, Food Blending provides perfect tracking from purchase to delivery to the customer!

We offer you an optimal balance between inventory costs, capital investment and distribution costs. Food Blending is therefore also the right partner for managing production & storage activities.

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