Breaking – Grinding – Sieving

Breaking – Grinding – Sieving

Quality and service are top priorities for us. We have high-quality equipment that enables us to offer the best possible services and ensure quality. With this, we can meet all your requirements and we are always able to help. We always find a solution to your requirement and always put your wants and needs first, whether you’re looking for breaking, grinding or sieving. You are in the right place with us.


Aside from mixing raw materials, you can also come to Food Blending for breaking of these materials. Lumpy, hardened products can be broken down to their original particle size. If required, anti-clogging agents can be added for prevention.


If you want to reduce the particle size of a product, we can also grind your raw materials. With our in-depth expertise and grinding facilities, we can grind any product to the desired grain size.


In addition to breaking and grinding, we also offer the possibility of having your raw materials and/or end products sieved or resieved. Sieving can provide a solution to separate excessively coarse and/or foreign particles out of your products. Food Blending has equipment with various high-quality industrial sieves to separate different particle sizes.

Metal detection

Our mixing lines are equipped with high-precision in-line metal detectors that monitor our mixtures. We also have metal detectors available to perform additional checks on your raw materials and/or end products that can provide a solution for the possible presence of metal particles. We can track them down.

For each of our services, we use the latest technologies to ensure that we always meet the latest food safety standards.

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