Purchasing raw materials

Purchasing raw materials

Food Blending has many years of experience with customers and suppliers at home and abroad. This has given us a wealth of knowledge about a very wide range of raw materials. Furthermore, we have also collected the corresponding specific properties and possibilities of a very wide range of raw materials. Food Blending can also assist you in your search for the right raw materials and/or suppliers.

In addition, testing can also always be done in our development centre.

The perfect raw material at the best price

Food Blending will be happy to search for the right raw material with the right characteristics for you. We now buy raw materials all over the world. With our knowledge and experience in the market, we always succeed in selecting our and your suppliers critically. Only with this approach can we always guarantee the best quality for you.

Our independence and large purchase volumes mean that we can always offer our customers a very good price.

The purchasing of raw materials for your blends can be organised in many different ways.

  1. You choose from the usual range at Food Blending.
  2. As a customer, you select the supplier and Food Blending takes care of the further procurement of the raw material(s).
  3. As a customer, you select the supplier and handle the demand and delivery yourself.
  4. Custom work

Allergen-free warehouse

Together with our allergen-free production, we also have the option of storing your allergen-free raw materials and/or end products without any risk of contamination. A separate warehouse space has been provided for this.

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